Facial Serum-Normal to Sensitive Skin

      • Will penetrate deep into pores to fight problem areas
      • Prevents dull and flaky skin 
      • Rich in Antioxidants
      • Locks in moisture
      • Penetrates into skin deeper than your moisturizer
      • Add layer of protection
      • Infused with Pure Essential Oils that are gentle but effective
      • This formula is noncomedogenic: It will NOT clog your pores.
      • Paraben, fragrance, dye,and pre servative free
    • Key Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil (Commiphora myrrha), Lavandula officinalis (certified organic essential oil), Boswellia serrata (certified organic essential oil).

      • Apply after cleansing and toning your face
      • Apply 5-6 drops onto face
      • Follow with application of moisturizer
      • Best if applied at night
      • Do NOT rub into face