Bentonite Clay Detox Facial Mask + Peppermint

Detoxify the body with our specially formulated bentonite clay mask containing peppermint and its ability to clean and revitalize the skin. When activated with water and left to dry on the skin, the mask will begin to bind and extract toxins and bacteria from deep within your pores. We recommend those who suffer from acne to use this product because of its calming effects on the skin relieving inflammation, antimicrobial properties to penetrate deep within the pores fighting bacteria that cause skin infections and control oil creating a balance in your natural oil production.  
    • 100% Pure Bentonite Clay
    • Peppermint Leaves
    • Organic Oatmeal
    • Flaxseed
    • Avoid contact with eyes
    • Do not use metal utensils, to prevent introduction of unwanted minerals into clay
    • Do not use internally